Organic Spray Tanning Services

Sometimes a tan is your best accessory!  I love the transformative benefits of tanning my clients.  They seem to smile a little bigger, carry themselves a little taller, and act positively giddy after their session.  Clients always tell me they feel like they need less makeup, feel more healthy + fit, and have more confidence after getting a tan.  Each tan is custom mixed to your desire so I can give you a subtle radiance, a healthy glow, or a deep dark "I've been on vacation for a week" tan.  Whatever you want!  My tans are always golden brown and never orange.  I use a product that uses Ecocert Organic DHA which is free of Parabens and DMDM Hydatonin (aka: formadehyde - ICK!!!).  Tans last about 7-10 days and fade very naturally.  I now offer full body contouring to amp up your tan even more! The process takes your beautiful base tan to the next level by enhancing the muscle tone and definition that you already naturally's pretty amazing! Total body contouring is an extra $25. Face and neck contouring is $10. Try it! You will be addicted!!

Individual tans are $40 each.  I will not tan a bride unless she schedules a trial tan at least 2 weeks prior to her big day or is a regular customer who is familiar with my work.  All tans are done in my studio in Minnetonka.  I tan for office parties, wedding parties, going on vacation, special occasions, or as a general pick me up! 

Call or text me at 507-358-2538 to set an appointment or to answer any questions. 

Yes!  Men get tans, too!

Enjoy immediate results!

Tanning is fast and fun!

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