Organic Spray Tanning Services

Sometimes a tan is your best accessory!  I love the transformative benefits of tanning my clients.  They seem to smile a little bigger, carry themselves a little taller, and act positively giddy after their session.  Clients always tell me they feel like they need less makeup, feel more healthy + fit, and have more confidence after getting a tan.  Each tan is custom mixed to your desire so I can give you a subtle radiance, a healthy glow, or a deep dark "I've been on vacation for a week" tan.  Whatever you want!  My tans are always golden brown and never orange.  I use a product that uses Ecocert Organic DHA which is free of Parabens and DMDM Hydatonin (aka: formadehyde - ICK!!!).  Tans last about 7-10 days and fade very naturally. 

Individual tans are $40 each.  I will not tan a bride unless she schedules a trial tan at least 2 weeks prior to her big day or is a regular customer who is familiar with my work.  All tans are done in my studio in Minnetonka.  I tan for office parties, wedding parties, going on vacation, special occasions, or as a general pick me up! 

Call or text me at 507-358-2538 to set an appointment or to answer any questions. 

Yes!  Men get tans, too!

Enjoy immediate results!

Tanning is fast and fun!

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